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What Cumberland Presbyterians Believe

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What Cumberland
Presbyterians Believe

At Gadsden Cumberland Presbyterian we believe:

The Bible to be the ultimate source of truth and guidance for everyday living. We believe the 66 books of the Bible to be the inspired word of God and therefore absolutely trustworthy in all things. Because we know that the Bible can be interpreted differently depending upon one's persuasions, we have determined that the only way to interpret God's Word is with God's word, scripture interpreting scripture. Everything we believe is therefore grounded in God's Word.

God is the one and only God, creator of all things and revealed through God's Word the Bible. God is holy love, eternal, unchangeable in being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. What God has done, reflected in the Bible, God is doing and will do tomorrow.

The Trinity is the human experience of a heavenly mystery. We believe that the one and only living God is revealed to us in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We hear God speaking to us throughout the scriptures, and see God working through the events of nature and history. God is revealed to all humanity most visibly through Jesus Christ, God revealed to us in human form. God's Holy Spirit is promised to us in scripture when we profess Jesus as Lord of our lives. The Holy Spirit can be seen and felt as He leads us, encourages us, and intercedes for us before the throne of God.

Sin and Salvation are the major themes in God's Word. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, tells the story of the first man and woman and their relationship with their Heavenly Father. In Genesis we read about the introduction of sin into God's perfect creation by the disobedience of the couple. The Bible tells us that the consequences of disobedience (sin) against God is death to a perfect relationship, even eternal spiritual death. As that first couple sinned against God, we too find disobedience a natural way of life. As with the first couple, sin brings death to us all.

But God doesn't desire our deaths and has always been working to bring us back under his loving care. All of the Bible tells the story of God preparing the ultimate resolution to this reunion. When the time was perfect, God, who by word created all things, became an infant born of a virgin and grew into manhood. He was called Jesus which means "savior". Being God in human form He lived a perfect life without sin. Being in human form He was subject to all the human frailties that we experience. Being God, He could have simply changed all of creation back to perfection, but instead chooses to allow us to exercise our free will of choice.

Sacrifice is a universal means of reconciliation. Even today we make sacrifices to heal broken relationships. Jesus gave himself over as a perfect sacrifice for all our sins thereby demonstrating his perfect love for all people. His sacrifice is our salvation from the sin that torments us and the death that always accompanies sin against God. All we have to do is believe and God's salvation through Jesus Christ is ours.